TOP 7 Food & Health Apps Award Winners 2015

2015 Szukini Best Stunning Food and Health App Award Winners ! Honoring the best food & health app winners, which and stunned and floored us at the Szukini Awards in Year 2015. This is our choice food that ranges widely from exotic to colorful to palate bamboozling, leaving our senses stunned, and the amazing and wonderful health apps that we found and love.

The Best Coffee Award goes to Flaming Russian Coffee @ Shashlik


The best coffee award by far. Just watch the magnificent preparation by heating up the glass in flames, the pouring of the vodka, addition of the tia maria, the flambe !!!!, Then the coffee and finally ultra thick cream that resembles butter that floats on moat of fragrant black coffee. MMMMMM ! Watch the video of the Last Flaming Russian Coffee

The Best Thai Food Award goes to Blue Rice & Orange Curries & Nara Thai Cuisine

2015-10-25 19.49.10

An upmarket and atas place, but it has an amazing colorful food combination of Thai Blue Jasmine Rice and Red Curry at the Nara Thai cuisine restaurant @ ION Orchard. Read more on the colorful combination of Thai Blue Jasmine Rice with a fragrant Red Curry Curry

The Best Milkshake Award goes to Vanilla Milkshake @Benjamins

Super Over the top Milkshake

An over-the-top incredible milkshake that comes with Candy floss, a Durian Wafer, those swirly button biscuits, rimmed with sprinkles and nutella and finally the thick vanila milkshake. Watch the video of the milkshake as we give it a spin

The Best Lava Cake Award goes to Salted Egg Yolk Lava Cake @5&Dime

Salted Egg Chocolate Lava Cake

Salted Egg Chocolate Lava Cake

That smooth chocolate core flowing out slowly, sensuously as you cut through the cake layer, pooling around the cake and spilling out onto the plate, which is richly creamy and savoury to the tongue, the warm saltiness of the salted egg core cut through the bitter sweet chocolate to meld romantically on the palate.  Stunned, Dex and I oooh-ed and ahh-ed over the wondrous velvety smooth salted egg yolk custard. Watch the Video as the golden core oozes out, of the Best Lava Cake Award Winner ! here

The Best Donut Award goes to the Salted Egg Yolk Donut @ Fix Cafe


MMMMM ! Salted Egg Yolk Donuts

Dusted with powdered sugar, freshly fried until its soft,fluffy and golden, then dipped or have the golden egg yolk sauce poured liberally over the donuts. What a sensation ! Watch us the award winning donuts get that golden salted egg yolk sauce poured over it.

The Best Health App Award goes to the HealthHub @ HPB


An example screenshot from HealthHub

This app was ground breaking and gave the public for the 1st time, a beautifully designed app with synergy between the content, events, programmes, deals, points and brought together the public health services in 1 app.
Discover the HealthHub Portal here.
Amazing statistics about singapore medical directory here.

The Best Step Tracker App Award goes to the HPB Step Tracker / Healthy 365 (National Step Challenge) @ HPB

Source HPB : NSC

Source HPB : NSC

With a hugely popular demand for this app and the Step Tracker, this winning combination of the simple to use Step Tracker and the corresponding easy to use Healthy 365 app, was so wildly popular that it caused 3 hour waits whenever there was a roadshow. Watch the crowd and find out where to get the HPB Step Tracker

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