TCM Weight Loss : Diet Plan – Stuff to Avoid

There has been some request for what kind of diet plan M. has been on, during the TCM process.

  • Just a recap,
  • M. is working to get a small waist for her wedding day brilliance.
  • 5 cm smaller waist now.


Well here it is !

1. Avoid all grains ie no rice, no corn, no pasta, no oats, no cereals, no breads, only wholemeal bread allowed.

2. Avoid nuts, peas, beans, beancurd and soya bean.

3. Avoid all processed food, no canned food, no powdered drinks, no processed meats such as ham, sausages, and meatballs etc etc

4. Avoid soups,

5. Reduce meats to ie Pork, beef and salmon to twice a week

6. Avoid carrots

7. Avoid the following fruit mango, banana, avocados and pineapples, nothing dried.


Cheer her for her success in her journey.

Links to the start of her Journey


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