How many steps is your breakfast of 2 Egg Prata and 1 Kopi ?

What are the number of steps needed to burn off 2 egg prata and 1 kopi ?

The answer is 16,800 steps, that about 40% more then your recommended daily steps of 10,000 a day.


What is Egg Prata.

Roti prata is a traditional indian dish made by flipping dough into a large thin layer and then folding the edges inwards, to make a square
The square dough is then cooked on a flat iron pan measuring at least three feet in diameter, some times more.
Other ingredients such as cooked mutton, onion and egg, cheese, banana, as well as instant noodles, or even chocolate and fresh fruits can be added during or after the cooking process, which lasts two to three minutes. Prata is usually served with a curry, with a choice of fish, mutton or vegetable.

Here is picture of prata served on a metal plate

Roti Canai - Kopitiam Mamak AUD4.50
Source flickr

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