Char Siew Mee at Sengs Noodle Bar

I had heard alot about this famous place for delicious char siew mee at Seng Noodle Bar, and it did not dis-appoint. It was simply delicious.

It was about 12.30 pm when I arrived. you can see how crowded it is, in this picture below.

The Crowd

Seng Noodle Bar

We queued up and found ourselves about 10 people behind, fortunately with just 2 of us, we got to go in faster and sat at the bar, which was full to the brim of people. At the bar, while we waited, we enjoyed the view of the kitch with the cooks and loud shouts, to co-ordinate the food orders. This is quite a fun experience, it definitely brings a sense of energy to this place.

The Char Siew Mee

Ordering the 1st thing on the menu, we went for the Char Siew Noodle.
15 minutes later its here, see the picture here and the video of it below. The char siew was soft succulent and delicious with lots of fat for the lingering sweet taste, there was absolutely no need for any other seasoning. the noodles where springy as it should be without being limp.

Below is the picture of the noodles, which is made of aburi slow cooked char siew, wantons, scallions, friend shallots.
Seng Noodle

The video below

and below a picture of the Gangster Baby Kai Lan, (Yes Gangster, lol), made of scallops, braised shiitake, and friend garlic.
Seng Noodle

The decor was quite interesting as well, with slogans that remind me of the china slogans.
Seng Noodle

Seng Noodle

The Address

52 Amoy Street, 069878
6221 1336

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