Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe & History

The history of Lava Cakes

Lava cake is a popular dessert,(Chocolate Lava Cake is the most popular) that combines ingredients  such as flourless chocolate cake and a soufflé. It has four basic ingredients which includes eggs, butter, sugar, and chocolate. The name comes the effect of the filling poring out of the cake.

Salted Egg Chocolate Lava Cake

Salted Egg Chocolate Lava Cake

Other names used are chocolate fondant pudding, or chocolate lava cake.

The Chocolate Lava Cake is known to have invented in 1987 in New York by the American based Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. However, an alternative claim made by the French Chef, Jacques Torres, that the Lava cake recipe was found in France years back.

In 1987 (New York ). According to Vongerichten’s claims, he pulled a chocolate sponge cake from the oven even before it was completely baked. And discovered that it tasted good, even though the center of the cake was still warm and runny. He called it the Chocolate Valrhona Cake, and serves it with vanilla ice cream.

Usually presented on a plate or a ramekin, There are various types of fillings which are used to make these types of cakes, such as the local version with salted egg yolk, but more conventionally, white chocolate or caramel.

It is usually served with fruit, chocolate sauce and/or powdered sugar.

Health Facts
Lava Cakes normally consists of 1270 calories with nearly 72% carbohydrates, 42 % fat and 3% protein. Due to the high calorie present in the cake, Lava Cake is not a suggested dessert for diet watchers.

Chocolate Coulant Receipe By Michael Bras
Chef Hermes Receipe

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