Find 65,000 Healthcare Professionals & 5,500 Healthcare Facilities in HPB HealthHub

This is a how-to guide to using the HealthHub Directory function to locate information about healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals. Enjoy.

Trivia #1
Did you know that there are records of an approximately 65,000 medical professionals and 5,500 Health facilities listed in the HealthHub Directory in Singapore ?

The new portal known as HealthHub, launched on 18th October answers some questions.
1. Where do I find a licensed doctor, nurse, or a TCM practitioner ?
2. Where can do I find the Blood Donation Centers ?
3. Where are the nursing homes etc ?

With the HealthHub. These questions can be answered with authority.
The healthhub site can be found here.

Lets take a look at the Medical section of the directory section, where an awesome amount of information can be found.

Trivia #2
Question : How many clinics and polyclinics exist in Singapore ?
Answer : approximately 3800.

To find the Directory Page. Click on Directories
Here is a screen shot of the main screen

HealthHub Main directory Page

Did you know that Singapore has aproximately …

4 BloodBanks Click on HealthHub Directory of Bloodbanks
3,800 Clinics and Polyclinics HealthHub Directory of Clinics and Polyclinics
1,000 Eldercare Services HealthHub Directory then Click on e-Care Services>
34 Hospitals HealthHub Directory of Hospitals
170 Laboratories HealthHub Directory of Laboratories
200 Pharmacies HealthHub Directory of Pharmacies
200 Screening Centers HealthHub Directory of Screening Centers
13,000 Doctors Click on Health care Professionals then Select Doctors
1,900 Dentists Click on Health care Professionals then Dentist
2,600 Pharmacist Click on Health care Professionals then Phamacist
38,000 Nurses Click on Health care Professionals then Nurses
2,900 Allied Health Professionals Click on Health care Professionals then Allied Health Professionals
2,600 Optometrist & Opticians Click on Health care Professionals then Optometrist & Optician
2,9000 TCM Practitioners Click on Health care Professionals then TCM Practitioners

Instructions To reach the Directory
Step 1. On the desk top goto
or down load the mobile app at HealthHub Mobile app

As an example lets explore the Medical Section with these 2 categories.
1. Hospitals
2. Clinics

Step 2. Click on the Hospitals Section

Step 3. Click on the Clinics and Polyclinics.

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Download the App
Download HealthHub app here
Download Healthy 365 App here

HealthHub Videos

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Information Source Ministry of Health
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