Signup HPB HealthHub and get 5 FREE Chicken a year.

This is a how-to guide to signing up to HealthHub and earning Points/Redemption (aka Health Points) function to optimize your HealthHub Membership, to get more accurately almost 5 free frozen chicken drumstick packets.

As a HealthHub member I can share content and earn points, How can I earn these points and what can I do with it.

Trivia #1
Do you know that sharing, you can earn up to the equivalent of …

    • 5 free frozen chicken drumstick packets a year ? (based on Sadia Frozen Chicken Drumsticks 900G)


  • 80 Oranges a year (based on SA Valencia Orange) ?

A simple 3 Steps signup 🙂
Step 1. Signup
Step 2. Share
Step 3. Redeem your Points

Step 1 Signup to HealthHub
Click on the healthhub website to sign up
Then use either facebook or, e-mail to create and account.
Once you have completed it. we can go to Step 2.

Step 2 How to get points by sharing
You can earn points by sharing on facebook or twitter, Apps, Events or Articles.
Click on this useful article in HealthHub as an example
The scroll to the bottom, you should see something like this
Once you have shared it to facebook, you will see a message saying you have earned points.

Step 3 How to redeem your points ?
To redeem your points, Navigate to the reward points page on HealthHub
Now Login, and click on “Check Healthpoints Balance”

To redeem, click on the “Manage Healthpoints Button” and you will be brought to the NTUC Link Points conversion page
Be warned, once converted it cannot be converted back.

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