Did you know, that 150 Gyms, 50 Parks & 200 Healthier Eateries exist in Singapore alone ?

Wow ! This is a how-to guide to using the HealthHub Directory function to locate information about Lifestyle facilities.

And where can I find them ? www.szukini.com

Now there is HealthHub. A one stop resource by the Singapore Government.
For the 1st time this is pulled together in 1 place, in one easy place.
In the directory section, there is an incredible amount of useful Lifestyle information on the HealthHub Directory. The details below.

Trivia Question
Question : How many of the 52 Parks have you been to ?
Answer : I don’t think I have been to even 20% of them.

But now you have 52 parks to use your FREE Fitness Tracker from HPB to achieve your 10,000 steps a day

To find the Directory Page. Click on Directories
Here is a screen shot of the main screen


HealthHub Main directory Page

Did you know that Singapore has an estimated …

Qty Category URL Link
148 Gyms @ SG HealthHub Directory Gyms Singapore
201 Healthier Eateries HealthHub Directory Healthier Eateries Singapore
52 Parks @ SG HealthHub Directory Parks Singapore
113 Quit Centres HealthHub Directory iQuit Centre Singapore
214 Sports Facilities HealthHub Directory Sports Facilities
32 Water Sports Facilities HealthHub Directory Water Sports Singapore

Instructions To reach the Directory
Step 1. On the desk top goto www.healthhub.sg
or down load the mobile app at HealthHub Mobile app

Step 2. Click on the Lifestyle Section

Step 3. Click on the Gyms and Shazam, you have a list of 148 Gyms in Singapore.


HealthHub Directory Gyms

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Download the App
Download HealthHub app here
Download Healthy 365 App here

Videos on HealthHub

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Image and Information Source www.healthhub.sg
Image and Information Source Ministry of Health

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