How to earn points & Win with HPB National Step Challenge

How to earn and win points, and redeem it with the HPB Step Tracker ? In this post, I will show you how to maximize your chances of winning up to $10,280 cash value with the National Step Challenge and the HPB Step Tracker. I personally have reached Tier 1, and i decided to look at the rules and see how to maximize my chances of winning to earn $10,280 of prizes.

Here is the pics and the video from my phone below for Tier 1, showing my achievement of reaching 600 Points for Tier 1.

      What happens when you press redeem and what happens in Tier 2 and Tier 3 ?

National Step Challenge

Assuming you have downloaded the Healthy365 app form Health Promotion Board and signup for the National Step Challenge, you are now ready to play and collect your points, and redeem your rewards.


Remember to sync with your step tracker every few days, otherwise you may lose your steps. HPB recommends no more then 7 days, but I do it as a practice everyday, and not more then 3 days.

Having said that, I lost my HPB Tracker and had to replace it.   Find out where you can fix, replace your HPB Tracker.

And if you would like a comparison between the HPB Step Tracker and the Fitbit HR

How to Earn Points and What can I get ?

In the scenario where you complete the challenge by Aug 2016, you have a potential range of wins range from a Minimum of $30 to a Maximum of $10,280 in ntuc vouchers and prizes or equivalent.

The prizes are $30 in NTUC Voucher, $250 shopping vouchers and $10,000 of Holiday Packages, if you win. Lets look at the key events below.

      • Step 1 Earn your Points
      • Step 2 Qualify for the Draw
      • Step 3 Travel Package

See the diagram below for easy reference.

3 Steps to maximize Points

Here are the 3 Steps to Optimize your Chances.

Step 1: Achieving the $30 NTUC Voucher

From the table below, in Bold, you can see that it will take you 2 months, if you walk 10,000 steps a day. A very long 8 months, if you walk 5,000 steps a day. Clearly walking more is better.

10,000 Steps 7,500 Steps 5,000 Steps Reward
Reward Total Points Days Days Days Value
Tier 1                        600                              10                   13                     40  $           5.00
Tier 2                    1,800                              30                   40                  120  $         15.00
Tier 3                    1,200                              20                   27                     80  $         10.00
Total                    3,600                              60                   80                  240  $         30.00
Total Months to Max Points                                 2                      3                       8

Here is a list of other prizes you can win at this step.

  • $30 Kenko Fish Spa
  • $10 Timezone Card
  • $10 Eyeworkz Voucher
  • $10 Nike Sports Shoes
  • $10 Adidas Sports Shoes
  • $10 Brooks Sports Shoes
  • $10 New Balance Shoes
  • $5 NTUC Voucher
  • $5 Uniglo Airism Products

the pictures below show the prizes that you can choose upon achieving tier 1.

National Step Challenge

National Step Challenge

Step 2: Achieving the $250 Shopping Voucher

To optimize your chance at winning this, you need to max your points, and from the table below, you can see a max of 4.80 chances, based on 3,600 points. You get 1 chance per 750 points.

Then you qualify for 1 of the 500 potential lucky winners. Lots of Luck Guys.

P.S. You should get your 4.8 chances in before Jun 30th for the 1st cut off date.

Reward Total Points Chances
Tier 1                600                  0.80
Tier 2             1,800                  2.40
Tier 3             1,200                  1.60
Total             3,600                  4.80

Step 3: Achieving the $10,000 Holiday Package

To optimize your chances in this draw, its exactly the same as above.

except that their are just 10 winners !.

P.S. You should get your 4.8 chances in before Aug 30th for the cut off date.

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What are the other rewards

Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 1 rewards
Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 2 rewards
Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 3 rewards

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