How to get free money in Singapore?

People often say that some of the best things in the world, are free.

Like seriously? Sorry to burst your bubble man, but in my opinion, free doesn’t even come close.  What if I told you that not only can you enjoy yummy food and even get free money for it?  No kidding!

I came across this promotion the other day when I was looking for something wholesome yet delicious.  The Muttons In The Morning on Class 95 were giving away $100 worth of vouchers if you could guess what they had for dinner the previous night that was both healthy and delicious.  Healthy AND delicious? Is it even possible?

Then I saw it….

Eats For Treats

Eats for Treats – Win up to $2 million dollars

I saw the promotion materials like everywhere! At various outlets like QQ Rice where they were giving away an Eats for Treats game card for practically every single rice roll that was on their menu.  I also saw the promotion happening at SUBWAY outlets where even a la carte subs get a game card.  I even saw it at McDonald’s last weekend! Like McDonald’s? The fast food giant? Ohhhh, it’s because they have Delight 500 meals!

It turns out that the Health Promotion Board is having a promotion called “Eats for Treats” which would last until 31 January 2016. Hey that’s like close to 2 more months of getting free money, if you ask me, “KA-CHING!”

Here’s what you could get for free and how to do it:

A screenshot of what you might win

A screenshot of what you just might win

Adding up all the prizes together, that’s like over 16,000 chances of you winning something cool and getting free money in terms of $20, $50 or even $5000 worth of supermarket vouchers, and that’s not even counting the other partner prizes that we can further stand to win.

I checked in with some of the merchants stated in the posters like Pizza Hut and Dian Xiao Er on what we could win and how to win.  Pizza Hut says that their hand-stretched pizzas are eligible, while Dian Xiao Er mentioned that they have so many items on the menu that are eligible that it’s too difficult to count.

Hard to win? Apparently not! A friend called me excitedly the other day to tell me that she’s won $20 worth of vouchers already!

-Envy- I think I should change my moniker to GreenEyedMama instead.

All the meals that participate in the Eats for Treats campaign are either made with wholegrains, less than 500 kCal or both. Don’t know what that means? Basically healthier! As for tasty, well, would you call Pizza Hut’s pizza yucky or deem Dian Xiao Er’s signature herbal roast duck with rice as tasteless? No way right? So yup, Tasty, Healthy, and you are practically getting paid for each healthier meal that you consume since it seems relatively easy to get your hands on that $20!

I’d say hurry down to start eating and winning before word gets out on this great promotion.  Eat healthy and get paid. GO GO GO! NOW NOW NOW!

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