Incredible Plant based Beef Burger that Bleeds| Impossible Food

Incredible Tasty Plant Based Beef Burger by Impossible Food that looks and taste like Beef.

A new biotech company from california, “Impossible Foods” has created a hamburger patty that looks and smells exactly like beef. This is vastly different technology from just soy and vegetables in the shape and colour of a beef patty., it is using a molecular compound known as a heme, which is a molecule rich in iron.

How did it taste ?

Videos Here

The Video that shows a plant based burger with bleeding using plant protein.

The video from Impossible Burger here, all veg, no beef.



The Video from Bloomberg interview with CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Brown 

What are hemes ?

According to wikipedia, Hemes or haem (from Greek αἷμα haima meaning blood) is a cofactor consisting of an Fe2+ (ferrous) ion contained in the centre of a large heterocyclic organic ring called a porphyrin, made up of four pyrrolic groups joined together by methine bridges. Not all porphyrins contain iron, but a substantial fraction of porphyrin-containing metalloproteins have heme as their prosthetic group; these are known as hemoproteins. Hemes are most commonly recognized as components of hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood, but are also found in a number of other biologically important hemoproteins such as myoglobin, cytochrome, catalase, heme peroxidase, and endothelial nitric oxide synthase.

Source wiki 

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