Blue Rice & Red Curry at Nara Thai Cuisine (Ion)

This an amazing food combo of Blue Jasmine Rice and Red Curry at the Nara Thai cuisine restaurant @ ION Orchard.
We found this in a magazine review and decided to go over and try this.

We where not dis-appointed, with the food.

Interestingly enough, when our 1st 3 people of the party arrived, they turned them away saying that at least 6 people had to turn up 1st, before they could sit. The restaurant was only 25% full at that time. Not quite sure how that works.

But the food when it came was superb.
Read on !

Here is a video of the fantastic blue rice.
I tasted like rice, the blue taste was not definable, but it sure added to the visual feast.

Here is a picture of the mouth watering Blue Rice with the Red Curry.
Totally delicious, and such eye candy.
2015-10-25 19.49.10

Here is a Video of the fabulous looking Ma Muang Khara Mel
Which is Caramelised Mango with Coconut Ice Cream and Basil Sauce

Here is a video of the pretty looking Thub Tin Grob
Which is red ruby with coconut and crushed ice.

Here is the Menu

This is at Nara Thai Cuisine


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