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New Assam Laksa and Broth, Pork Chop, Fried Fish, Curry Rice Chop Review

Continuing the review of the famous Truly Test Kitchen dishes, this time around we review the new Assam Laksa, The Smooth Egg Broth, The Fish and Pork Chops and the Fried Chicken Waffles and More.

Review of the New item Assam Laksa

This is a new product offering from Truly Test Kitchen.
We tried it among all the dishes and rated this as the #1 among all the different items. Initially the curry assam did not grab us, but after a few more bites, it started to grow on us and eventually voted for this.

Watch the video below of the assam laksa

The story of Truly Kitchen Joel and Deniece

They started this in a hawker store, and because it was such a cramped place, they took a leap of faith to rent the place in Jun Jie building on the 7th floor. Both of them where in the FX business and decided in 1 night to jump into this business. According to Joel, he was scolded for not making the eggs sunny side up correctly when he 1st started out, and now although he is not trained, he follows his gut instinct to create the right dishes, with his partners and crew becoming his guinea pig to test the new dishes until its perfect.

This definitely shows up when we tried the famous curry dishes, which are great value for money and are simply the new assam curry and the smooth egg broth.

Here is a picture of Joel and Deniece, the brother was busy working at that time.
Truly Test Kitchen

Here is picture of the menu, which shows the very reasonable prices.
Truly Test Kitchen

Review of the Egg and Pork Broth, We rated this #2

Although this dish came last, we rated this as #2, even though we where already bursting at the seems from eating all our dishes.

Watch the hypnotic video below of the egg bursting into the broth

The famous curry rice and fried fish and the side dishes here

Look at this thick yummy looking curry rice below.
Truly Test Kitchen

The boiled cabbage sidedish video here.

Review of the Fried Chicken Waffles

The Fried Chicken Waffles, I always find this a somewhat unusual dish, i like chicken and i like waffles and this is my 1st time trying it together. As expected it tasted like … chicken and waffles.

Watch the Video below while Maple Syrup being poured over the Chicken and Waffles

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Where to Find Truly Test Kitchen

Jun Jie Industrial Building
153 Kampong Ampat, #07-05
Singapore 368326

Truly Test Kitchen

Truly Test Kitchen


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