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My kind and considerate office buddy C, offered to pack lunch for me. I had my reservations.

C, if you must know, is the kind of lady that goes to the gym like 5 times a week. I kid you not. Dinner for C, typically comprises of a protein shake and if she felt indulgent, then maybe add a dash of chocolate flavoured protein powder to that shake.

I, however, am a whole foods girl. I have never been a size zero obviously, and I do eat my greens, but when C offered to pack lunch for me, I was totally trying my best to muster up gratefulness while cringing at the thought of having to face a plate of salad with no dressing. Eww…

To my absolute surprise, this was on my table when I came back to my cubicle.

With a shop name like The Daily Cut, I would have imagined that the mainstay was probably ribs or steak or something. So my first thought was along the lines of “like where’s the meat?!”

Yet when I took my first mouthful, I was practically blown away. Who would have thought that it sold such fantastic yummy-licious salad? C had assured me that this little “bento” would taste even better than it looks. She was right!

And best of all, it was HEALTHY! Underneath all that delicious crisp broccoli and cherry tomatoes was a wonderfully grilled chicken breast and brown rice. Nicely browned and seasoned in nothing more than salt and pepper, the sweetness of the chicken exudes an understated elegance, with its natural juices slowly absorbed by the nutty brown rice. Oh yes, and the sous vide egg… I had to google this term. Like isn’t it a poached egg? No no! It is a slow cooked egg in simmering but not boiling water, over a long period in time… wow, come, I applaud you for the effort…

Hang on there.  Wait wait, what’s all this about rice and chicken breasts? Isn’t this supposed to be a post about unusual salad? This all sounds a little like a bowl of high class economic rice now yo?!

Chill man, chill! This IS salad.  In addition to a base of brown rice, you can also choose quinoa or any other type of available grain if you want, or indulge yourself with an oven roasted sweet potato!  Options are virtually limitless at The Daily Cut with a wide range of greens, proteins and other add-ons to make this as filling or as light as you want your salad to be.

And if you really wanted some protein in your salad like their oh so famous melt-in-your-mouth beef, you could too! Apparently their beef is done medium rare, all day, every day to allow you to savour all that beefy goodness. I so got to try that, the next time C helps me to pack in lunch for me again!

The Daily Cut | 1 Raffles Place #B1-31 One Raffles Place, Singapore | For more information, visit the Facebook Page of The Daily Cut

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