Where to get HPB Step Tracker Band for FREE ?

Where to get HPB Step Tracker Band for FREE  ?

How to get the HPB (Health Promotion Board) Step Tracker Band for FREE ? (It looks like a watch), Over the weekend, My family decided to get the tracker, because it seemed like a lot of fun.

In NSC 2, you get a chance to win over $75,000 prizes !.


Free Step Tracker Eligibility

Only if you are a new user. Unfortunately.

Point System & Rewards

You can earn up to 10,000 points a day, which is similar to Season 1 showb below.

In addition, there will be monthly thematic challenges.

NSC Season 2 Points

Integration with Apple iPhone and Fitbit

Finally, the NSC can integrate with Fitbit, Do I hear I big yahoo ! heh.


NSC Season 1

In Season 1, Here is a video of Sports Stadium Today where there was a 3 hour queue. I was told that a family of 8 turned up at 8 am !. Wow !

There was 1.5 hour queue in Tampines for this at the Healthy Lifestyle Festival

Remember that exercise is just part of the overall health package. Dont believe it ? read this Get FAT, and ruin your 10,000 steps exercise by eating just this food.


Season #1 Point SystemNSC-Rewards

This is sooo popular, just thought I would put down the information here, for easy reference, for anyone to get a fitness tracker.


Is the National Step Challenge Digital Health ?

The National Step Challenge is an effort by the Singapore Government to
address the new Technologies available in the Digital Health Market (Read about the history of Digital Health here).
Where the technology and health have converged to provide a new wave of consumer wearables, that drive health and fitness in the well and the at risk segments of the population.

Question : Where do I get the Healthy 365 Tracker Band ?

See the schedule for the Roadshow Link Here, where you can get your Healthy 365 app and take part in the National Step Challenge with the free Tracker (Singaporeans Only).

See the NSC Challenge and Roadshow
Find 52 Parks, 148 Gyms, 214 Sports Facilities to get some Exercise

Click here to find the location to fix or repair the HPB Tracker Band

Compare Fitbit vs Healthy 365 Tracker

16,556 Steps a day with 1 food

Will there be a National Step Challenge Season 2 ?

Question : What are the rewards in NSC Season 1 ?

Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 1 rewards
Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 2 rewards
Click here to learn about National Step Challenge Tier 3 rewards

Where to get FREE Bokwa, Yoga, Kickboxing, Jazz, Zumba Classes and get your 10,000 steps a day

If you think your friends and family will have a lot of fun, like and send them this link.

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Download the App

Download Fitbit IOS app
Download Fitbit Android app
Download Healthy365 IOS app
Download Healthy365 Android app

Watch the Video on the National Step Challenge below


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